The Complicated Business of New Blogger Identity



The Daily Word Prompt is ‘Confused‘.  This epitomises my blogger beginnings.

At a week old my blog is a newborn, but the run-up to the birth was more confusing than my actual baby pregnancy.

I had to come up with a catchy Blog Name and “walk a mile in their shoes” would fit the bill. The classic line about empathy to highlight the depths of thought I would go to in thinking of others. Perfect!

The problem was, this name was taken by 123,456 people.  This left the longwinded name walkingamileintheirshoes1234567.  No, that wouldn’t do at all. Could you imagine 100,000,000 followers trying to tell their friends to follow that?  After an eternity a while I realised I was going to have to walk a mile in my own shoes if I wanted something vaguely similar.

Wait, would that work? Would people think I was egocentric, walking a mile in MY OWN SHOES?  Surely that’s the opposite of empathising with others and trying on their shoes? Here I was being selfish and just plodding along in my own shoes.

Ah, but wait!  What if I have a standout tagline header photo (I’ve no idea of what you call those thingies next to your blog title)? One that shows that I’m NOT ACTUALLY WEARING THE SHOES!  They’ll scream “Come on, take a walk in these shoes.  See what I see, feel what I feel!”

I was giddy with the realisation that I could pull this off.  I proceeded to take photos of my shoes; choosing the circa. 2001 red Vans because they looked cooler than the easy slip on school run ones my mum gave me. My other half was confused at my photography. “Why you taking photos of those? They’re ancient. Surely to hell you’re not flogging them on Ebay?”   I told him I was cataloguing my shoe collection. He seemed to buy it. True story.


Setting up my WordPress Blog didn’t end there. I had to think of a pen name to protect my identity (just like a spy – EEK). I could choose any name in the world I wanted.  I googled “Quirky exotic girls names” and found beauties like Nora, Carressa and Noemie –  but nothing fired me up. By now the deadline for putting the tea on was approaching and I was under pressure.




My pen name is Beth O’Neal.

I could pick any name in the world and my imagination was stuck on Beth.

I don’t hate any Beths.


Alas, my blog name was finally out on the world wide web:

Yes, you read that right    .co


Or      .com


But the totally unique     .co

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a .co website. Am I the only one? Never mind, I’m sure all my followers will spread the news!

If had any.

It’s not easy getting followers when you’re the mysterious exotic Beth. People follow the crowds, not the lone wolf.

The confusion doesn’t end here.



I lied, I have 3 followers and only one is myself


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