It’s Too Late Now

In response to the Daily prompt ‘Ghost



I’m weightless and floating

feet not touching the ground

stretching down towards the person

On the road I have found


My legs lift behind me

I’m like an astronaut

but I’m not in outer space

and my feelings here are fraught


Suddenly she’s in focus

that lifeless person there is me

I’m up here, looking down though

too late for god to hear my plea


I should have been a better person

kind, compassionate and fun

instead I was an asshole

no kind words for anyone


I wasn’t always like that

was empathetic to the core

but  turmoil and disappointment

made being nice a chore


It’s too late to turn the clock back

and it’s a terrible bomshell

“God, my fate is in your hands now

Will I rest in heaven

or go to hell?”


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