Too Much Thigh – Part 1

I saw you dancing at the weekend,

a crowd of men had gathered round.

Is there any need for sexy dancing?

They’ll think a tramp is what they’ve found.


Your leather skirts are getting shorter,

as the years are passing by.

You’re quite an age now aren’t you?

Perhaps too old for all that thigh?


You always did get much attention,

you had the body (I had the brain).

You work hard to make it perfect,

but it’s not held in the same.


Drinking has replaced your confidence.

There are worry lines and doubt.

Your complexions’ getting weathered,

and there’s sadness in your thinning pout.


I know you mean well by bringing me,

to this club to have some fun.

You’re being young and with the ‘in’ crowd.

But it’s obvious

you’re my mum.


 In response to the word prompt ‘obvious

There’s more! Please see – Too Much Thigh Part 2

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