Helen’s Night Out


Introduction to Poetry: Day 5 – Limerick with Keyword ‘Imperfect’.

Most people have heard of Limericks; they’re typically Irish sing song cheery childish poems. They are five lines long with a rhyming scheme of aabba, with the third and fourth lines being the shortest. I was tasked to include ‘imperfect’ in the poem and I could write one limerick or more to create a narrative. I opted for four and decided against cheery narrative. I had never written a limerick before because I worried that my poetry was already rhyming and childish and wanted to avoid a pantomime. Did enjoy writing this though, it was fun! More information on the Introduction to poetry course here.

 Helen’s Night Out

Helen feels dejected –

imperfect and disconnected.

Her life is so dull

without any thrill;

friends’ visit was not expected.


Helen lets out a sigh;

friends ask her out  but she’s shy.

But then she says yes,

puts on her red dress –

a bottle of courage she’ll buy.


Helen is out of control –

needs more drink to be life and soul.

She’s over the top,

friends want her to stop –

she’s drunk and a total asshole.


Helen can’t be contained –

friends turn away not entertained.

She meets a new guy

gets coat and says bye;

cause of death was never explained.



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