26 Places in 25 Words or Less

I’d love to jump on a plane and take off somewhere new and exciting. It’s not possible at the moment so instead I’ve been thinking of some places and writing a short summary on them – a holiday in my head!  Please don’t take offense if it paints your special place in a negative light. It’s just my opinion (often after only a couple of days) and I have strange views anyway! I would visit every one of those places again.


Green, lush with changeable weather. Wild North West with clear sandy beaches. 2 week summer. Friendly people enjoy talking. Historical Castles. Great for history buffs.


Auchmelvich – Scotland


Magnificent ancient buildings. Colosseum. Hot in June. Piazza Navona Proposal. Over-eager flower sellers. Pantheon. Con artists. Cover arms in Vatican. Mopeds. Rude shop assistants. Loved.

Piazza Navona – Where my husband proposed


Firm handshakes. Manly men. BBQ’s. OAP surf teacher. Unexpected weather. Awkward hitchhiker situation. Family. Gold Coast Blackpool. Best to  drive in Suburbs. Great service. Good seafood. Patriotic.


Beautiful buildings. Cheap. Stunning Tatra Mountains. Schindler’s Factory entrance = security guard backhander.  Upsetting Auschwitz-Birkenau.  Important historical significance. Cool jazz club. Gorgeous Krakow Market Square.


Tatra Mountains – Poland/Slovakia
Schindler’s Factory


Delicious chowder in a roll; Fisherman’s Wharf walks, Tiny car tour stuck on hill. Eclectic people. Interesting Alcatraz. Huge park.  Free wine in hotel. Cloudy.



Grand buildings. Terror Museum with interesting WWII History. Historical Buda distract. Sad thrift sellers. Funicular train. Thermal baths. Big Park. Terrifying roads. Nice lakes.

Las Vegas

Bling. Vast buffets. Massive hotels. Free cocktails. Cirque du Soleil. Exceeded expectations. Ostentatious. Fountains. Gambling. Newly weds.  Desert climate. Great fun. Less trashy than expected.

 The Grand Canyon

Lots of big rocks as far as the eye can see. Cool helicopter ride over Hoover Dam.


Try the language. Lovely architecture. Bad restaurant experience. Enormous museum. Run out of money. Camping stove Ravioli at bus station. Underground Catacombs. Eiffel Tower. Rodin.

South of France

Spectacular Alps drive. Posing yacht dwellers. Pleasant view from the hill in Nice. Frightening boat ride from Cannes. Sweet mountainous villages. Grasse’s Perfumed streets. Speedos.



The Netherlands

Jovial folks. Some women initially seem intimidating. Lovely gabled rooftops. Prostitutes. Loud Brit’s. Anne Frank. Water. Bridges. Bikes. Thrift sales in pretty Delft.  Enjoyable Utrecht.


Kuala Lumpur

Busy traffic. Cross road at own risk. Multi cultural. Petronas Towers with stunning view. Designer shops. Friendly driver. Humid.  Offensive scales. Confusing toilets. Depressing Aviary.

New York

Tall buildings. Friendly chatty people. Crowded. Noisy. Much garbage. Melting pot. Green spaces. Something for everyone. Treat for the senses. Repeat visitor. Real-life Movie set.


Niagara Falls

Huge, noisy and dramatic. Hilton hotel with best room view and breakfast buffet ever. Helpful Mega-Bus driver dropped us at door.  Underwhelmed by local scenery.



Mainly underground. Fabulous apartment views. Good Aquarium. CN Tower most expensive meal ever but fun rotating restaurant. Cloudy weather resulted in two bus tours wasted.



Short visit. Business presentations. Late night shopping. Cold swimming pool. Confident serious people. Alone the second time. Nice tour on bus. Santa.


First holiday with husband. Narrow ancient streets surrounded by water. Pretty bridges and boat rides. Nice outdoor eating. Fun Camping. Frites and Mussels.


Husband had Flu. Noisy youth hostel. Startling close proximity New Years Eve Fireworks. Everywhere closed apart from McDonalds and 7/11. Extortionate alcohol prices. Slush. Fjords.


Fjord Trip



Beautiful Ana Maria; Captiva; Sanibel and Key West. Fun Clearwater. Miami Movie Cameras. Busy Theme park days. Discovery Cove is fake paradise with sad sharks.


Crowded. Good theatre scene. Reserve Sky Garden for views. Pleasant Thames riverside walk. Scary Underground. Interesting Royal History. Best in sunny weather. Slow bus tour.


Green all around. Dramatic. Falling rocks – beware. Woodland lodge. Bears. Smelly woodland toilets. Giant Redwoods. Biggest cones ever. Stunning. Love.


Dry. British tourists. Cheap Cava. Great value in Spring. Watch your purse in Barcelona. Gaudi. Romantic Calella pre-child. Varied beaches. Near drowning incident. Warm climate.


Yorkshire Dales

Rolling green hills – fun in a convertible. Favourite British destination outside of North-West Scotland. Beautiful Haworth, home of Bronte Sisters. Uncontrollable laughter at Cheese factory.


Vineyards, lovely climate and green. Stayed in someone’s house cheaply. Narrow high streets and small houses. Red. Ferry to Venice.


Crowded. Water everywhere. Amazing ice-cream. Get Gondola taxi across for cheapness. Beautiful buildings but St Marks Square needed a clean. (This was 12 years ago so might have been cleaned since).



Sleepless holiday sharing bed with noisy granny. Dirty. Large Theme Park. First holiday with friends. Locked out of B&B.  Tacky but fun.


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