Intro to Poetry Day 1

Beach Trip
Let’s pack up a picnic and drive to the sea
Let’s go a great distance, away and we’re free
Let’s open the windows, blast music up high
Let’s run on the beaches, admire the sky
Let’s hold old ladies as they walk on the sand
Let’s help fallen children by giving a hand
Let’s greet all our friends with our arms open wide
Let’s hug and then kiss with no rules to abide
Let’s put sun lotion on the parts they can’t reach
Let’s sunbathe and look at the crowds on the beach
Let’s queue for an ice-cream ten deep at the van
Let’s brush past that stranger and flirt ‘case you can
Let’s paddle in water right up to the knee
When lockdown is over, we’ll go to the sea!


Worries Melt Away (Tanka)

Hide away, submerge
Bathe away all your worries
Felt close to the verge
But now that feeling’s lifted
Thankful, tranquil, I emerge.


Since I’ve been away from writing poetry for a little while, I’ve decided to re-do the Intro to Poetry course. Today’s theme was ‘water’ and a Tanka (5-7-5-7-7) was one of the suggestions. I’ve written two water themed poems, one of which is a Tanka. I’ll be honest, I don’t really enjoy writing short Tanka poems!

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