The Other Side of the Story – Reverse Poems

I thought I would revisit Reverse Poetry. This is a type of poem where you read it down and then it has a different meaning on reading again on the way up. Looking at two sides of the story seems useful during these times. I’ve written two.

Two Sides of the Story

I am not worried
and I refuse to believe that
Covid-19 will change my future
I realise this may be a shock, but
we can’t improve the situation
is untrue
We can get over this
I know what we need right now
is more important than
some lives being saved
I can’t say this enough:
things have been worse
we are being told
This is reality
through international coverage
and politicians too
the media tells me
this virus is here to stay
This will not happen.
I want to live a life of contentment.
in the future
this virus will be forgotten
I wish people would stop saying
my hopes and dreams have diminished
It is evident that
the world will recover from this in my lifetime.
It is foolish to presume that
I am worried.

now read up the way ^

Lockdown Thoughts
I’m miserable during this lock-down
so you’ll never hear me say that
I’m doing fine
I know for sure that
I won’t cope financially
and that
mentally, I’m struggling
I cannot believe that
there is hope.
there isn’t a way out of this.
I can not say
things will get better.

I’m trying to cut down on reading the news. There are so many differing opinions (including my own) and it’s been making me angry and frustrated. So many people are living with different problems and fighting their own battles. Hopefully spending more time on here will distract me away from the news and keep my mind occupied with writing.


7 thoughts on “The Other Side of the Story – Reverse Poems

  1. It’s a waste of time and energy worrying about what’s happening because all it will do is stress you out, don’t watch everything on TV virus related. I watch one news item a day and nothing else. Write more but nothing C related 😂. Live in the moment, personally I don’t think the world will get back to what we see as normal for a long time. All we can do is play our part and keep ourselves and others safe. 😘👍🏻❤️😇


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