The Fear – Acrostic Poem

The Fear

I get nervous sweats before it
Headache comes and then I’m sick
Always want it to be over
Time, I hope will go in quick.
Every other person loves it
Doesn’t make me smile at all
Revving up, my heart is racing
I then worry I may stall.
Very calm is my instructor
I know her life depends on me
Near the end my breathing steadies
Get back home and I’m care-free!


Day three of the Intro to poetry course, and today I had to write an acrostic poem.  I found this easy and fun to do. Every word of the poem is true.  I’m learning to drive at an older age and I’m so nervous before every lesson. I feel like I’m in control a loaded weapon.  Generally I’m a care-free type of person so my anxiety is unusual.  Was just getting to the stage where I wasn’t terrified before my lessons and then lock-down happened.  Oh well, I’ll just have to get back into it when this is all over.

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