Only a Tree

It is only a tree, that’s what some of them say
But it isn’t to me, I don’t see it that way
The world changed this past year, we stayed inside to cope
Often crippled with fear, one thing gave me hope
My tree blossomed in Spring, then the birds made their nest
I heard the chicks sing, as their rearing progressed
A distraction from gloom, I relished the sight
Of my garden abloom as the fledglings took flight
The world stuttered and stalled, with folk never knowing
I was sad but enthralled as I watched my fruit growing
Harvest time arrived, we were back on our feet
With old times revived, we could gather and meet
But the chill set in and the people retreated
As my tree shed it’s skin, bad times were repeated.
Now it reaches for light and dresses for spring
It’s been a hard fight but now the birds sing
It’s ‘only’ a tree, I hear some of them say
But it means more to me, as it brightens my day.


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