Saltcoats Shore – A Poem

Lather oan suncream, throw oan the summer claes.
Saltcoats beach is waitin, I’m away to catch some rays.
I’ll daunter past the harbour and remember years ago.
Goin doon to see the boats, wi’ my grannies brother Joe.
I puzzle at the sun dial, it’s an hour oot a think
Go by the crowd wi’ bevvy, their taps aff lookin pink
Young ‘yins oot there climbing boulders, but the tide is comin’ in
Was worried for the eejits but they’re nearing shore agin
Every generation does it, navigating Saltcoats sea
As pretty as oor waater is, be careful or you’ll dee
Roon the curve I’ll wander, past the auld bowling alley
I remember headin’ up the stairs for Karaoke and a swally
It’s the pictures and the softplay noo, and it’s quiet there the day
For everybody’s doon the beach on this fine sunny day.
Every place the world oo’er has a view they cherish most
But there’s nowhere quite as precious as this view alang oor coast
My heart skips a little beat as I step on Saltcoats shore
It’s not 1960’s busy, but it means I love it more
There’s weans oot there collecting treasures, shells and creatures from the sand
Crowds dookin in the shallow, I pass by castles lookin’ grand
I listen to the whooshing waves and gulls flying overheid
A waft of Melbourne chippy has them hopeful for a feed
I settle doon and rest now, dig my taes in, let them toast
And I thank the world for this fine place, my Saltcoats by the coast

The Fear – Acrostic Poem

The Fear

I get nervous sweats before it
Headache comes and then I’m sick
Always want it to be over
Time, I hope will go in quick.
Every other person loves it
Doesn’t make me smile at all
Revving up, my heart is racing
I then worry I may stall.
Very calm is my instructor
I know her life depends on me
Near the end my breathing steadies
Get back home and I’m care-free!


Day three of the Intro to poetry course, and today I had to write an acrostic poem.  I found this easy and fun to do. Every word of the poem is true.  I’m learning to drive at an older age and I’m so nervous before every lesson. I feel like I’m in control a loaded weapon.  Generally I’m a care-free type of person so my anxiety is unusual.  Was just getting to the stage where I wasn’t terrified before my lessons and then lock-down happened.  Oh well, I’ll just have to get back into it when this is all over.

This is 2020

This is 2020

Constantly consumed by containing this beast.
Contagious coughing unleashed from the east.
Calling off concerts, and companies closed.
Controlling the virus, confinement imposed.
Collective conformance to curtail the spread.
Commuting confined to Key Workers they said.
Compulsively cleaning and masks on your face.
Can’t call on or cuddle those outside your place.
Confusion, concealment and contrasting views.
Collapsing economy again on the news.
Collusion, commotion, conflicting advice.
Complaining and cusswords ‘cause nothing’s concise.
Cremations increasing, Care Homes on their knees.
Calling for caution, they’re begging you, please!
Clambering clumsily, crowds out aplenty.
Catastrophic conclusion? This is 2020.

Day 2 of the Intro to Poetry Course and today was all about alliteration. It’s a poem where the same letter is repeated throughout. This was difficult and time consuming for me and I’ll probably tweak it at a later date. I’ve had enough of ‘C’ words for the day! It’s a bit of a doomsday poem, and not necessarily how I feel. I’m hoping for happier times in the future.

Intro to Poetry Day 1

Beach Trip Let’s pack up a picnic and drive to the sea Let’s go a great distance, away and we’re free Let’s open the windows, blast music up high Let’s run on the beaches, admire the sky Let’s hold old ladies as they walk on the sand Let’s help fallen children by giving a hand […]

Am I Enough?

This is my first attempt at a Reversal poem. I did look at a template and changed it around to make my own poem.  It is a poem that you read in the normal way, and then afterwards you read it up the way to reverse the meaning. It was fun to write. AM I […]

Back to School Blues

  Sharpening his pencils; ironing his clothes. Wishing it would slow down – how fast the time all goes. Packing up his schoolbag; new shoes up a size. Seeing that he’s growing – mammy wipes her eyes. Every year he’s moving, another step away. Feels his hands in hers now – he’s still a child […]

The Love Affair

Wants a mate – thinks she’s found one that’s great. Get him round, offer bait – common ground. Make a date. Gaining ground – Eyes dilate. Words profound. Fast heart rate – they’re spell bound. Gain some weight. Tightly wound. Much debate. Heads will pound. Must berate. Fights compound Irritate. Fool around. Feeling hate. Come […]

My First Lipogram

  lipogram noun: lipogram; plural noun: lipograms a composition from which the writer systematically omits a certain letter or certain letters of the alphabet. For my poetry class I had to write a Lipogram by using only one vowel throughout the whole poem. Not only that, but I had to ensure every word included this […]

A Secure Place

This is your home now, a place that’s secure A safe space for you with nurses who care Less of a worry, a relief for sure. No long nights alone for you to endure Someone to call on should you have a scare This is your home now, a place that’s secure You say you’re happy […]