Look to the Sky

I’ll tell you a secret as big as the sky,
where the giants hang out and animals fly.
There’s much going on up high overhead.
It’s more fun than anything you’ve ever read.

If you want to see, gaze up, squint your eyes.
There’s a shark waving! Teddy juggling pies!
Look, a witch dancing and a rainbow with wings!
Where else can you see a cow playing on swings?

On hot days folk gather outdoors all around;
it’s then that the clouds are nowhere to be found.
They’re hiding away from the people, you see.
They only appear for those like you and me.

When our brightness dims and thoughts are overcast,
Look up to the sky and change your forecast.
Dreamers, believers, with our head in the clouds
It’s our magical place away from the crowds.

Only a Tree

It is only a tree, that’s what some of them say
But it isn’t to me, I don’t see it that way
The world changed this past year, we stayed inside to cope
Often crippled with fear, one thing gave me hope
My tree blossomed in Spring, then the birds made their nest
I heard the chicks sing, as their rearing progressed
A distraction from gloom, I relished the sight
Of my garden abloom as the fledglings took flight
The world stuttered and stalled, with folk never knowing
I was sad but enthralled as I watched my fruit growing
Harvest time arrived, we were back on our feet
With old times revived, we could gather and meet
But the chill set in and the people retreated
As my tree shed it’s skin, bad times were repeated.
Now it reaches for light and dresses for spring
It’s been a hard fight but now the birds sing
It’s ‘only’ a tree, I hear some of them say
But it means more to me, as it brightens my day.


Saltcoats Shore – A Poem

Lather oan suncream, throw oan the summer claes.
Saltcoats beach is waitin, I’m away to catch some rays.
I’ll daunter past the harbour and remember years ago.
Goin doon to see the boats, wi’ my grannies brother Joe.
I puzzle at the sun dial, it’s an hour oot a think
Go by the crowd wi’ bevvy, their taps aff lookin pink
Young ‘yins oot there climbing boulders, but the tide is comin’ in
Was worried for the eejits but they’re nearing shore agin
Every generation does it, navigating Saltcoats sea
As pretty as oor waater is, be careful or you’ll dee
Roon the curve I’ll wander, past the auld bowling alley
I remember headin’ up the stairs for Karaoke and a swally
It’s the pictures and the softplay noo, and it’s quiet there the day
For everybody’s doon the beach on this fine sunny day.
Every place the world oo’er has a view they cherish most
But there’s nowhere quite as precious as this view alang oor coast
My heart skips a little beat as I step on Saltcoats shore
It’s not 1960’s busy, but it means I love it more
There’s weans oot there collecting treasures, shells and creatures from the sand
Crowds dookin in the shallow, I pass by castles lookin’ grand
I listen to the whooshing waves and gulls flying overheid
A waft of Melbourne chippy has them hopeful for a feed
I settle doon and rest now, dig my taes in, let them toast
And I thank the world for this fine place, my Saltcoats by the coast

Wild Inside

For the past nine weeks I’ve been staying home, only to pop out for essential shopping or exercise.  Having spent more time in my garden I’ve been more aware of the birds nesting and singing.  It’s got me thinking that we’re all a little wild inside.

“Stay home” they said, as the birds began to nest
So we tidied our homes and made up beds to rest
Schools closed their doors, as the chicks began to tweet
So we listened to advice, and welcomed home our fleet
Children at our feet, as the birds were feeding well
So we cooked for our kids and made their bellies swell
“Home school” they said, as the chicks prepared to fly
So we taught best we could, not teachers but we try
We’ll soon be free to roam, as we see chicks leave and glide
You’re not so different little birds, we’re all a little wild inside.

Am I Enough?

This is my first attempt at a Reversal poem. I did look at a template and changed it around to make my own poem.  It is a poem that you read in the normal way, and then afterwards you read it up the way to reverse the meaning. It was fun to write. AM I […]

Dear New Mum

  Dear New Mum (me a few years ago), This new mum thing has come as a shock to the system. I’m sorry nobody told you how hard it would be. You expected to feel “overwhelming love and pride” for the new bundle. All of your friends told you about the pure joy and bliss […]

Back to School Blues

  Sharpening his pencils; ironing his clothes. Wishing it would slow down – how fast the time all goes. Packing up his schoolbag; new shoes up a size. Seeing that he’s growing – mammy wipes her eyes. Every year he’s moving, another step away. Feels his hands in hers now – he’s still a child […]

The Love Affair

Wants a mate – thinks she’s found one that’s great. Get him round, offer bait – common ground. Make a date. Gaining ground – Eyes dilate. Words profound. Fast heart rate – they’re spell bound. Gain some weight. Tightly wound. Much debate. Heads will pound. Must berate. Fights compound Irritate. Fool around. Feeling hate. Come […]

My First Lipogram

  lipogram noun: lipogram; plural noun: lipograms a composition from which the writer systematically omits a certain letter or certain letters of the alphabet. For my poetry class I had to write a Lipogram by using only one vowel throughout the whole poem. Not only that, but I had to ensure every word included this […]

A Secure Place

This is your home now, a place that’s secure A safe space for you with nurses who care Less of a worry, a relief for sure. No long nights alone for you to endure Someone to call on should you have a scare This is your home now, a place that’s secure You say you’re happy […]