Contact Me

I’m very sociable and love people getting in touch. If you want to work with me; give me free products to try out and review (PLEASE); or just email for a chat (but not in a stalker type of way) then please leave your details.

I enjoy writing poetry and thoughts and feelings type of blogs, and enjoy writing blog posts that encourage thought and debate from readers.  If you are interested in working with me then please feel free to drop me a message.

 You would regret contacting me for:

  1. Fashion advice (unless it’s 90’s fashion, as I’m still wearing that stuff from my wardrobe)
  2. Written articles about sport.  I did watch darts once, does that count?
  3. Anything related to numbers, I’m rubbish with numbers (unless it’s about saving money)
  4. Beautiful photographs (I use my battered old Sony phone)
  5. ‘How I lost 50 lbs and kept it off’ articles – it’s the keeping it off part I struggle with!
  6. Actually I could fill this list quite easily, so I’ll just stop here.