Wild Inside

For the past nine weeks I’ve been staying home, only to pop out for essential shopping or exercise.  Having spent more time in my garden I’ve been more aware of the birds nesting and singing.  It’s got me thinking that we’re all a little wild inside.

“Stay home” they said, as the birds began to nest
So we tidied our homes and made up beds to rest
Schools closed their doors, as the chicks began to tweet
So we listened to advice, and welcomed home our fleet
Children at our feet, as the birds were feeding well
So we cooked for our kids and made their bellies swell
“Home school” they said, as the chicks prepared to fly
So we taught best we could, not teachers but we try
We’ll soon be free to roam, as we see chicks leave and glide
You’re not so different little birds, we’re all a little wild inside.