None of Your Business

When you’ve had enough of people asking about your family planning.   Warning: There may be emotional triggers, related to fertility and loss Well Meaning Questions You don’t have a baby! How can that be? Surely you want one, you’re a woman, you see.   You can give birth and therefore you should. You’ll feel […]

Too Much Thigh – Part 2

I  felt that yesterdays poem was crying out for a response, so here it is!  You should read  Too Much Thigh – Part 1 first



I did indeed witness you watching

me having fun with all the guys.

We were doing the Macarena,

not much time for wandering eyes.


Yes my skirts are somewhat short,

and rather smaller than before.

But I’ve got legs the length of Broadway

I’ll show them off

– I’m not a whore!


I work hard for this body,

it’s not perfect, but still it’s hot

I can handle the attention –

I’m 39, I’ve not forgot.


You came along when I was twenty,

Just the two of us from then.

So it’s rare for me to party

and get attention from the men.


This “weathered” face has some sadness,

I will agree – that’s very clear.

But it’s you love, that I’m sad for

because with you, there is no cheer!


I wish you were less self-conscious

and at times, let down your hair.

I can tell you from experience,

it’s more fun when you don’t care!


In response to the daily word ‘Witness’

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